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Brown Axolotl
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The Axolotl, scientifically known as Ambystoma mexicanum, is a neotenic salamander native to the lakes and canals of Mexico. Neoteny refers to the ability of these amphibians to retain their juvenile characteristics into adulthood, which means they keep their aquatic lifestyle and retain their external gills throughout their lives.

One of the most remarkable abilities of the Axolotl is its exceptional regenerative powers. Unlike most amphibians, it has the remarkable ability to regrow lost limbs, spinal cord tissue, and even parts of its heart and brain.

Axolotls are fully aquatic creatures, preferring cool and well-oxygenated water. They have external gills that resemble fringed feathers, which they use to extract oxygen from the water. it is important to note that Axolotls have delicate skin and should be handled with care to avoid injury or stress.

To provide a suitable habitat for an Axolotl, it is important to recreate their natural aquatic environment. This includes a spacious tank with cool, clean water, appropriate filtration, and a soft substrate. Providing hiding spots, such as caves or plants, is important to give them a sense of security. Feeding Axolotls a diet of high-quality aquatic pellets, live or frozen bloodworms, and other small aquatic invertebrates will help ensure their nutritional needs are met.

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