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Ghost Mantis
Images used for reference only, actual specimins may differ in size and appearance.

Compared to many other praying mantises, the ghost mantis is a "miniature species" growing to only about 45 to 50 millimetres (1.8 to 2.0 in) long.

It comes in various brownish shades from very dark brown (almost black) to greenish grey. An individual's colours change between moults and are also dependent on light and humidity levels.

Phyllocrania paradoxa is camouflaged so as to appear as dead, dried-up leaf material. It has an elongated head, a flattened, extended prothorax (together referred to as its "elaborate headdress and shoulder shields" by one enthusiast), and leaf-like protrusions from its limbs. The mantis also has a forewing that looks like a desiccated leaf, and the "creases" in the wings are actually shadings of pigment.

P. paradoxa oothecae can hatch out up to three dozen young. 1st and 2nd instar nymphs of this species are dark coloured and use ant mimicry as a defence.

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