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Royal Pleco (L-191)
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The Royal Plecostomus is a handsome suckermouth catfish belonging to the Genus Panaque. A classic representative of this genus, the Royal Plecostomus is a stout, muscular fish with a distinct "tadpole" shape.

Compared to other Loricariids, members of the Genus Panaque sport a truncated body with a pronounced anterior that gives them a "top-heavy" appearance best seen from the profile view.

The Royal Plecostomus, also known as the Royal Panaque, Royal Black-lined Panaque or Broken Line Royal Pleco, has irregular black steaks set upon a deep mossy or cement colored body. This bold and eye-pleasing graphic pattern elevates this very attractive fish to royalty status among Loricariid enthusiasts. The distinct body shape, striking pattern and prominent eyes make the Royal Plecostomus a welcomed change from the usual and a peaceful addition to large freshwater aquariums.

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