The perfect "fish bowl", these aquariums come with a built in filter that will make sure your fish stay healthy and your tank will stay clean.

Available for just £49

Manufacturers Information

Soothing waterfall feature with a relaxing effect
Easy to maintain: Uses Tetra Filter Cartridge to replace every 4 weeks
8 LED lights for a powerful lighting at the top
Single low voltage power cord powers both filter and LED light
ON/OFF switch operates LED light
Contains 6.8 Litres

Modern design with efficient lighting. High quality and robust glass aquarium. Instruction leaflet included.
Feed only quality foods for healthy growth and to avoid waste. Run a partial water change each 4 weeks and use appropriate water conditioner.

Replace Tetra filter cartridge (EasyCrystal FilterPack C100) every 4 weeks.

Please call in advance if you're interested in this item as the price may have changed or we may no longer have it in stock.